Deck Logs from National Archives

Significant events:
January, 1946

11 Jan Underway from San Diego to Balboa, Canal Zone
15 Jan dumped certain ammunition overboard per orders
20 Jan anchored at Balboa Inner Harbor entered Panama Canal – moored at Cristobal. Unloaded provisions for Naval Station.
22 Jan moved to anchorage in Colon Harbor, Panama.
28 Jan departed Panama for Mobile, Ala.
30 Jan executed full power run (four hours).

February, 1946

1 Feb entered Mobile Bay, moored at Railroad Pier
7,8 Feb unloaded ammunition
15 Feb removed cryptographic devices
16 Feb Lieut. Paul F. CONLIN assumed Command Capt. Paul H. WIEDORN detached to proceed to Navy Dept, Washington, D.C.
19 Feb moved to Pier B, State Docks, Mobile. Transferred fuel to LSD-22.
21 Feb moved to Gulf Shipyards Dock, Chickasaw, Ala.
22 Feb removed radar eqpmt, ordnance, medical gear

March, 1946

1 Mar ship remains moored at Chickasaw, Alabama
3 Mar crew detached for messing and berthing
3-5 Mar crew members detached for transfer, discharge, or release from duty

5 Mar USS Sheridan decommissioned